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A little research told me I was very wrong for even thinking my moss was flowering. But it isn't 100% of the time wrong to call it a 'bloom'.

This is a picture of a Sporophyte on some moss. Apparently, this is how moss spreads. A little more in depth view on moss reproduction. Some people may be curious, I knew I was.

The green leafy ground cover of mosses that we are familiar with is the haploid gametophyte. The gametophyte develops sex organs, a male antheridium and a female archegonium on the same or different plants. The antheridium produces flagellated sperm cells that swim to the egg cells in the archegonium. After fertilization, the zygote grows into a diploid sporophyte. The sporophyte consists of a foot, stalk, and capsule. It remains attached to the gametophyte. Cells in the capsule undergo meiosis and develop into haploid spores. When released, spores grow into gametophytes with rootlike, leaflike and stemlike parts.

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