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I see your point Wendyjo, but I would consider that transplanting a partial bio filter which may be sufficient for a limited bio-load. "Cycling a tank" is to have all surfaces become colonized to their fullest extent, allowing a tank to reach it's fullest bio-load potential.

When I used to set up reefs professionally, anytime I used to move live rock from it's curing bin to a show tank, I was transplanting a bio filter. However it still takes time for that bio filter to reach it's full potential by spreading throughout the tubes, glass, substrate, filter media, heater, foam, skimmer, yadda, yadda, yadda. A "sterile" 75 gallon just loaded with 150 lbs of cured live rock, doesn't have the same bio capacity that same tank 3 months later. That's why I support the full high level cycle. It's definitive and highly effective. Guesswork sucks in this hobby.

Now, transplanting a lot of "seed" can certainly speed up the process since a larger proportion of surface are is already covered with bacteria.

I guess the moral of the story is that there's more than one way to cycle a tank. (just don't do too many water changes!)

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