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Pirayaman--It's interesting that you mention landscaping. I used to work at a nursery myself for a few years. Took care of plants, did a lot of landscaping, and dug holes. A lot of holes. But, I think what I learned on that job has come in pretty handy when it comes to tank set up. How to plan to use plants, what they will look like as they mature, how look for and use different leaf textures, how to create natural focal points, and so forth. I owe a lot of my basic design technique to landscaping. It's nice to be able to utilize plants (or "Nature" in general) to form something nice to look at!

Gary--No ego! I know that there is always someone out there that is better than I am in just about everything. I appreciate the compliments and kind words, but it wouldn't do me any good to let any of that go to my head. It's "just" a fish tank, after all. It's fun, educational, and relaxing. That's why I do it. There's always someone better. Probably many "someone's," in fact.

Keith---Yeah, I'm not the type to enter these things into contests. I won Tank of the Month for my local club about half a year ago. That was neat. I just don't like feeling that everything that I do for my hobby is subjected to criticism by a few people who decide these types of things based on their opinions. Besides, this really isn't a technical "aquascape." It's an amalgamation, and I wouldn't have a clue as to how to enter it into a contest.
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