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Okay, here we go! Basically I've had a 29g talk for several years and the fish big started biting a few months ago and I've been planning out a bigger tank that I want to be really nice, but I'm trying to be as economical as possible about it. As stated above I'm trying to keep the stuff exclusive to this tank under $500 including plants and fish.

I'll be asking for advice not only on this tank, but also on any advice for future tanks or any bad purchases I've already made because if this works well I'd like to do another in the future. The links I provided in the first post are for specific questions I've had, and some have been answered, but some have not, so please check them out and chime in if you can!

I don't actually have the tank/stand yet (I know, thread started before that... but I figure it doesn't hurt to have it ready) because as I said I'm budget conscious and one of the best ways to save money it a used stand/tank. I've been watching listings and making some offers and I'm fairly certain within the next month I can get a nice setup for under $200, perhaps as low as $100. I'm looking for something like this preferably:

And I'll be putting it here:

(Cat not amused by picture)

I plan on putting it about 2 feet in front of the heater. I think this would be okay but I could use your input. I figure that's enough space that if anything would go wrong with the heater the tank would be far enough out of the way that it could be serviced, and the tank will be far enough away that there won't be any issues with the tank getting too hot.

I'm kinda planning to have the tank as an island, so you can move all the way around it, but I'll be setting up my rocks/plans like a normal tank, only intended to be viewed from the front/sides.

So far I've ordered the filter from amazon, a unit that has damaged packaging but which should otherwise be fine (else I'll return), and the following from home depot:

Let me tell you, I wasn't ready for that light... thing is f%$%^ing bright!

75g Journal:
29g Journal:
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