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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post
Man, this is going to be a cool build!!!

I wish we had basements here in Texas, as it would be my Fish Room for sure!!! But considering we only have about 1' of topsoil till you start hitting the solid limestone bedrock, a basement would be a major demo job!!!

Anyway I agree about seeing 2 sides of the tank! A buddy of mine had a 180g in wall, and while it was cool, I didn't care for only seeing the front! I think Your Idea will be perfect! Subscribed!!! Also you r fish choice is VERY COOL!!!

Keep up the great work!
thanks. The wife was complaining about the amount of space back there. I'll have about a 6'x6' section that isnt fish tank. I'll have a 55g plastic trash can for water changes, and hopefully everything else under the tank itself.

now... certainly I need a quarantine tank, right? So... maybe the 20g long gets set up in there w/ a HOB for that. oh, i've also got a 12g nanocube reef tank that I'd like to upgrade to something like the 20 long, or maybe a 28g nanocube. so then that can go in there as a quarantine tank as well.

and just incase those kirbs breed successfully I might need to put them somewhere other than the sump, so I guess i can set up the 45g in there as well

sooo, it might turn into a little fish room. not that that is planned or anything... nope, not planned at all.
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