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Water is super stable (I'm using RO and the Nutrifin Cichlid Conditioner, the TDS stays btwn 196-203 and I test it daily). I don't do large changes. I top off about 1c. pure RO a day and then once a week I change about 10% (carefully matching it to the old water in TDS and temp). Won't even do that this week, as I don't want to do anything that might bother her.

I'm hoping this is just because she's still so very small and young to be berried at all (she's really not very big, less than half an inch still). She was SUPER annoyed with the males coming at her. Like ENRAGED. She tucked herself into the sponge filter and sent them flying out if they dared to invade her little groove.

I should add, the others all appear to be molting without any problems, and no more mystery deaths after the first one.

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