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Originally Posted by norbot View Post
Well I'm no expert but that sounds like a $h!t ton of light. I believe that those actinic bulbs are more suited towards reef aquariums. I think plants aren't too picky about specific wavelengths but the more light means more co2 and nutrients.

If you could balance 8 x 54w t5ho lighting with the appropriate amount of c02 and nutrients I'd reckon you'd see olympic gold medal type plant growth, but I implore you not to take my word for it
I agree with you. I assume ozzychas is aiming for some ridiculous plant growth (or algae growth T.T).

@Ozzychas - Over 400W of T5HO lighting on a 90 gallon is A LOT. Keep in mind that the watts/gallon rule is inaccurate and shouldn't be used as a sole indicator of how much light you need. T12's are very inefficient, T8's are a little better, T5's are even better and T5HO's are really high powered. The watts/gallon rule would say you need approx 3-4watts/gallon for a heavily planted tank but 400W of T8 is COMPLETELY different from 400W of T5HO.
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