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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
Been a while since an update! Pics!
That's because it looks ugly! Haha! I just finished midterms yesterday, so I barely had time to look at it. Not to mention take care of it! There is some what looks like BGA on the glass and some of the plants. I have a clump of that Hydrocotyl floating in this tank, along with a clump of what I received labelled as E. tenellus but it honestly just looks like Valisneria, its huge. The Betta has been enjoying the added cover to hide in though. I think I want to get some floaters for him. I'm gonna have to wait until it warms up though, its freezing here! It's like 12*F outside today. Brrr.

Something else cool that I noticed, I have flowers on my Bacopa monnieri Wabi Kusa! I gotta photograph it, it looks awesome!

On another other note, I think I have everything I need to setup this 20 long!! I have....

30" 2 bulb T5NO Coralife Aqualight
Eheim 2213 (I need to get some clear tubing though)
An appropraite sized heater
Seiryu stones
Aquasoil (Not a lot, but im planning on having it just in the corners, with cosmetic sand over most of it)

Things I need..

Cosmetic sand

I don't have many plants yet though, it's too cold to ship obviously, and I don't really have any money. I do have some fissidens I got for this project a while ago though. I'm thinking of setting it up and and growing the fissidens on it emersed and blasting it with tons of light. So the fissidens looks nice and natural.

Another thing is I still have that Mr. Aqua 7.5 rimless bowfront. And I have lily pipes I could use for this tank. I'm with whether I should do it in that tank instead of the 20 long.

Something else I have been wanting to try is doing a small tank with just Wabi Kusa. So I might, after re-do this evolve and plant it with like 5 wabi kusa and a little manzanita.

I'll see if I can get pics!

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