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Originally Posted by steven p View Post
Feed the fish more, algae can thrive in very low nutrient levels
I honestly don't agree with feeding more to combat algae....ESPECIALLY if you are already dosing EI. Anubias is a pretty undemanding plant. BBA is really tough to remove. The best thing you can do is to remove the leaves that are covered in it. Spot dosing with excel might also help. Even an excel overdose. there are tons of threads here of people with the same issue. Read up on them. I have tried manual removal before but that stuff can really anchor itself down.

If you are running low light, i really dont think you need to dose EI. The rate of growth which is driven by light is simply too low to warrant the necessity of full EI dosing. on top of this, You also dont prefer Co2, so plat growth is being limited by CO2. If that is the case, then not dosign EI and using fish waste and food as the nutrient source is A OK. Once again, for a low light tank

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