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im haveing the same problem myself and opposed to what ive been reading about overdosing excel or dosing perxoide ive found that by stoping dosing completly, increasing my lighting ,adding alot of fast growing plants (cabomba carolina and anacharis densa), and reduced my water changes (too many nutrients in my tap water and i dont have an ro system yet) within 2 weeks ive seen the bba has been suffently dyeing off ive tried changeing the substrate trimming it off the pants but it just came back in force!!!!

im sry that i cannot give u a cure all as im still very new to the planted aspect of aquaria
and these new problems im faceing also but this what i have tried and is working great so far for me idk if im doing something that will screw me in the long run or not hopefully someone has a better method but that is just whats working for me
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