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Hi folks,

I thought I'd post a followup on the DULUX L 55W PC bulbs I posted about back in February (2003). I was quite pleased with them all through the rest of the spring and summer. The plants grew like crazy. However, in the early fall (like about the 1st. part of August) I began to notice that the plants weren't pearling like before and that some of the low micro-swords were looking puny. The bulbs looked bright and I made sure to keep them clean, so I checked everything else under the sun... Nitrate, Fe, Phosphate, K, all that stuff was fine. I finally decided to order some replacement DULUX bulbs. They came in last week... That was it! The plants are back to pearling like crazy and the micro swords are coming out of it. So the moral of the story is that the DULUX bulbs work great... for about 6 months (@ 12 hours burn time a day). Then they need replaced although they still look to the naked eye to be burning brightly.

Next spring, I'm going to put in some of the GE's you guys seem to like and give them a try!

Take care all...


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