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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
Yes I have considered them, and I will be schooled for sure. I am curious though. Will those multi point lights composed of a dozen or so leds be able to get the shimmer effects of the single led? Also, I don't see them in the high wattage (20w+) that I am looking for. At least not at a price I'm willing to spend anyway. The Dr Fosters and Smith unit is more than I would like to spend on each. It wouldn't be make sense to me to change out the 3 cfls I'm using now at that price unless I saw a dramatic increase in aesthetics. Thanks for the URLS! I appreciate you taking the time.
From my experience all LEDs create the shimmer effect with individual higher wattage diodes increasing the effect; which means the Dr Fosters unit should create much more shimmer than the flood lights as they are running 3-5w diodes versus the 1w diodes the arrays use. We need to keep in mind that a 50w LED flood lamp is not a 50w LED diode, it's an array of 50 1w diodes. My LFS runs AI Sols, AI Vegas, Ecotechs, Kessils, MH, and floods and the AIs and Ecotechs definitely seem to glimmer more than the MH, Kessils (also an array but higher wattage diodes than floods), and flood lamps. I haven't personally tested a PAR38 bulb but I would assume the nicer ones function more like the AI/Ecotech than the floods due to similar lenses and diode powers.
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