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As of this morning, the tank was 3 degrees warmer than my room; and I turned ont he filter last night. I started an actual log, so I'll check it twice a day for the next few days, then post the full results

In other news, I had this really bizarre algae outbreak on my sword. At first, I thought it was discoloration due to some sort of nutrient deficiency, but the next day it was very definitely fuzzy. So, I snagged my largest pond snail from my 10g and dropped him in the midst of the leaves and let him go to town.

My cell was the only thing I could find in the tornado-pit of a room, but you can certainly see where he had cut a path through the algae on that leaf!

I literally spent an absurd amount of time staring at the little guy, watching what I assume is some sort of tongue licking the leaf, since his skin is pretty transparent. I'll have to upload one of the (like, five) videos I took of it...

Also, there's some whitish stuff on the bulb. The end looks somewhat ragged, and can you see the red streaks? Those are like, RED. Not brownish-algae, but RED. Like it was scratched and is bleeding. Any thoughts?

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