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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
Ill be the first to start!!

My Rave is that Today i sent out packages to the SIX winners of my FIRST RAOK. I may have went a little overboard, but i wanted to make it count!
Also, there was a newbie who didnt win, so i put together a different package for her, with a stem or two of a bunch of different plants.
RAOK-ing feels so good! I felt like Santa bringing the packages to the post office!
My dads eyes when he saw how many..priceless!
And i even got more boxes...possibly for more RAOK's...

My rant is...guppy fry. So. Many. Guppy fry.
I had just gotten all the fry, a food 60-80 of them out of my tank.
Later on that night, i look at the tank, and what do i see?!
Newborns, dozens of them.
I swear those guppies were Laughing at me!!

I hope this thread takes off, i really enjoyed this thread on the other site, and i know you guys are gonna love this!

My Rave: This is the first (actually only) forum where I've seen the term RAOK used so regularly and actually practiced. A small step to reassure me that some people still "get it".
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