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Algae all throughout my tank!!!!!

Ok so here it goes....

I bought a large amazon sword from a gentleman on here not too long ago. When I received the plant, I saw these red hairs on it. I asked the guy what that might have been and he said it was staghorn that he had in his tank, but that it was dying off. I became skeptical, but wasn't sure how to go about it. I went ahead and planted it.

Recently I also started dosing dry ferts. I am using the EI method, and since doing so I have experienced a boom in algae. I am now noticed Black Brush Algae, and Blue Greens algae. It is a unslightly scene. My anubiad are covered with dark to almost black looking algae. The Black Brush is on some rocks and also blants, and the blue green algae is of course around the front of the glass, where it gets the most light.

I do not overfeed, and in fact I think I underfeed, and I am running a dual 48" T8 Daylight fixture. This is a low tech setup, and I would really like to keep it that way, so I am trying to stay away from CO2. In fact I was actually thinking about changing my lighting, but now I think I will stay away from that, lol.

So you all know my delimma, but here were my plants. I was already thinking about changing the tank to dirt and then capping it with pool filter sand. And I suppose while I was doing that I will try to clean the sand the best I can. I will also work on cleaning the plants as well, but I am not sure how to go about that.

Any suggestion, advice, help is needed and very much appreciated!

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