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Help, noisy CPR overflow

on my 29 gallon i have the cs 50/500 setup and flow rates betwen 175- 334 gph are almost dead silent, just a slight water trickle noise.i used couplers and adapters to get from 3/4 strainer to 1 inch vinyl tubing.

on the cs 90 overflow i tried to use as few connectors and just went with 1 inch barbs to 1 inch vinyl tubing, my pump is capable of doing less than 600 gph or up too 800 gph at my head pressure.. i've been adjusting and adjusting my flow rates and i either get tooo much and the overflow fills more than halfway up and is splashing everywhere and my tank is a tornado,
or i turn it down and the level sinks to a little less than halfway up the strainer and i can see air being sucked in from the top three strainer cutouts.. silencing tube does nothing.. as a temporary fix i've taped the top three rungs of the strainer and it is now nice and quite
is there a safer more perminant fix?
is my issue due to not using 1/1-4 inch tubing? or is there something else im missing, the drain hose is a nice even curve all the way to the sump. no drainage issues there, its a smooth flow right into the sump, flow dynamics are similar to my other cpr setup that is quite
What am i missing??
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