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I am also practicing this as offering kindness should never come with strings or expectation. Any otherwise would be self defeating.

Originally Posted by Robert H View Post
Rave: At various times in my life I have been in a bad situation and had some rough times, and it has been amazing to me how perfect strangers have come to my aid to offer help or assistance that helped me to get through it. From little things to big things. It has made a big difference in my life and at times I have not fully appreciated it.

Rant: I have tried to help people when I can if I am in a position to do so, but I do it without judgement, conditions, or expectations, and I really do not understand people who cannot do this. When I work at a homeless shelter and serve meals, I don't judge them. I don't worry that they are taking advantage of the situation or not taking strides to change their life. If they are hungry I feed them. It does not matter if they appreciate it or not. If I am inclined to give money to someone on a street corner, I am not going to put conditions on it or worry about how they are going to spend the money. Its not for me to judge their life and their choices.

And in a much simpler terms, I look at Raoks here in the same way. I don't care what their motive is in taking the Raok, what they do with it, or what their member status in the community is. If someone takes a Raok from me and turns around and sells it, I don't care. Who knows. Maybe they had a change of heart or desperately need the money- so I still helped them. It is the giving that is important, not how its received. I don't even care what the motives are for the people offering the RAOKs. We are all human with mixed emotions and flaws, and as long as actions are not hurting someone it is not for us to judge. Giving always has a positive effect one way or the other.

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