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Hey we have the same setup (I don't have a journal yet). I have the Mr Aqua 25g 18" cube and the Kessil light. I've been setup for over 6 months now and one word of advice, GO DIRECT CO2! Don't make the mistake I made and try for low tech when the light is ultra high tech. It just doesn't work and it's hard to keep the algae in check. I had to learn the hard way and give into getting cO2. I'm a lot happier now and the plants are doing well and algae (specifically bba) is getting back in line.

Not to get down on your fauna but just make sure you don't over stock because 25g isn't huge. Also an angel fish and high grade shrimp might not be the best combo but I'm sure it's been done before. But I'm sure you'll nail it
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