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A Kessil LED Powered Rimless Cube Build

It's been a long time coming, but finally got the opportunity to build out something from a dream. Well not quite exactly from a dream due to budget considerations, but this is a good stab at an excellent tank for a decent price. It's a friends tank that I'm orchestrating or it would be full blown.

Tank: 25g 18" cube
Filter: Eheim 2217
Light: Kessil A150w Amazon Sun with gooseneck
Substrate: ADA Amazon, drift wood, Mexican lava rock

Plan is to add a marbled orange angel, neon tetras, and cardinal tetras to start. High grade crystal shrimp will follow. Plants are baby tears up front, a single melon sword, some moss for the woodwork, and something (undecided) tall in the back.

Tank is up and running, though needs some time to clear out and even for the background paint to dry, LOL! Over the next few days hopefully the driftwood will waterlog enough to scape, then I can plant it out and after a few more days add a fish or two. Here is a snag of rocks keeping the floating wood down

As it exists on creation + 1-hr...

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