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riparium advice

hi. i've always been fascinated with riparium set-ups so im gonna start my own. im setting it up with an existing planted tank with all low light plants. currently medium to high lighting with co2 injection. posted a photo of the initial set up. background and leftside of the tank is till going to be painted with flat black. just need a few advices:
  1. should i adjust my ei dosing since i raised my lights about 3in from original height and its gonna be shaded by the emersed plants. still want to run my co2 coz its plumbed via rex grigg reactor.
  2. can i still keep my water level all the way to the top? im just concerned about my fishes. i got 7 tiger barbs and 1 bristle nose pleco in that 25gal. they might not like the small volume of water if i lowered it.
  3. would an old rubber black flipflop be a good idea as an alternative for the trellis raft? it just crossed my mind. i might be able to follow the pattern from the original trellis being used in repariums.
  4. what plants can i suspend on these rafts?
  5. what other house plants can you suggest with my existing set up? right now i have cuttings from my Dracaena sanderiana and Dieffenbachia. are there any dracaena sp suitable for ripariums? garden centers doesnt sell pond plants till late spring.
thanks a lot in advance for all your advices and thoughts on my current set up. hope to hear from you guys especially the ones with experience with ripariums. I LOVE THIS HOBBY!!!!
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