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Thanks to all for the notes. Here are more details:
No CO2, only 7-9mL Excel daily
I have 2x65w T5 (correction, I have compact fluor) for 10hrs/day

I used a Magnum 250 and a supplemental koralia nano for increased circulation.

NO3 usually runs between 10 and 20.
Iron about .25
Phos is unknown
Ph is roughly 7+
GH and KH both 6, IIRC
Temp is 76

I will say that because I'm not dosing CO2, but am supplementing Excel, I'm not sure what exactly my EI amounts should be.

Someone suggested I should be dosing twice as much KNO3 as I am. Yes? No?

CORRECTION: I listed my lighting as T5, but it's standard compact fluorescent. Is 130w of CF for 55gal still too much?

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