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Here's one word to describe middle school: yuck. It's a really awkward phase and generally I didn't like it. No one seems to understand anything of what's going on and there is so much pointless bullying and everyone seems to think that they know everything. Just try to think about what's going on and don't freak out about anything and don't let stuff get to your head. This comes from someone who was in it just 2 and 3 years ago. You have SO MUCH time to think about your future, and really the most you can do right now is get good grades and try to plan and learn about how you can succeed in high school in the future so that you can get into the college that you want. I know for a fact that my direction and wants for my future have changed since then. Also, your parents cannot decide for you in the future when you move away and go to college. I don't really have experience in that part because my parents have always told me to be what I want to be. Reading is fun, but that does seem a little overboard. Listen to your parents though, because really all they're trying to do is get you to become successful.

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