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Originally Posted by thelub View Post
Delta Dental covers pre-existing conditions
what do you mean?

Did some homework today. The company I want to go with doesnt want to hook it up at all. They said 2 payments in 2 weeks thats it. So perhaps I wont go with them.

Called western dental and they had a financing option with zero down, zero financing, and 99 bucks a year. Then I read 5 pages of bad reviews online with people saying that they charge 4x as much as normal. Thats with typing in "western dental good reviews". So scatch that.

I now have to look at delta dental.

If im going to pay a SUPER HIGH PREMIUM that western dental wanted for their services I might as well open another credit card and go with the company I have now.

I DO want dental coverage for my girlfriend. I think she needs it. She has some cavities forming to. Im glad I didnt purchase a new car like I planned lol.
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