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Originally Posted by Blackheart View Post
Got the one that you guys recommended and it was super easier than I expected. and on sale.

not sure how correct this is:

PH 7.6
High Range PH 7.4 (what is that btw?)
Ammonia 0 PPM
Nitrite 0 PPM
Nitrate 0 PPM

Also why is there two different bottles of some of the things? like 2 bottles for Nitrites? kinda confusing.

The temperature is around 72-74 degrees. Which isn't too bad for White Clouds, as they can take a lot. Last year my tank was almost 80 degrees in the hotter months and they were still just fine.

And I haven't done any water changes or anything like that yet because I haven't even stocked the tank until recently.
The instructions are super easy if you read them. It explains why there are two bottles for ammonia and nitrites. You need to be using both bottles for the ammonia and nitrite to get the correct results.

You put so many drops of bottle one, cap it, shake for so long(instructions will tell you how long), then add in so many drops of bottle two, cap, shake, wait for result(instructions will tell you how long to wait).

If you do not follow the instructions, ie, instead of using the cap when shaking and you use your finger, you can get faulty test results. Ive had it happen once before. OR if you do not shake between bottle one and bottle two you will also get fault results.

High range ph is for tanks that have a higher ph. Cichlid tanks normal are in 8.0 range meaning you need a high range test.
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