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Originally Posted by rustbucket View Post
Subbed, though to be honest I hate journals that take patience but I couldn't help myself when I saw congos!!
I have a 125 as well, currently just 7 congos but plan to have about 20 or more in (hopefully) the near future.
oh i hear ya. I hate threads like this too. I want pictures pictures pictures. Unfortunately, I have to be patient too. Which, might work out for the best for this tank as I spend more time planning it.

Originally Posted by Silmarwen View Post
I've wanted so badly to play with an arduino on my tanks, but it seems a little pointless when I've only got low-tech 10-gallons, haha.

A sump would certainly make things tidier up top! And a space for young fish is definitely appealing... Young children, on the other hand... Good luck with that!
the child is the reason that we decided on a wall tank with an ample working/storage space. This way everything is pretty much locked away.
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