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Nothing too spectacular. Just my two adjacent, low tech, five gallon riparium setups, set up since October.

The tank on the left houses 2 pairs of white cloud mountain minnows, 2 zebra nerite snails and a few pond snails. The tank on the right houses my male betta Larry, 3 pygmy corydoras and an olive nerite snail.

Both tanks are planted with water wisteria, anubias barteri, anubias barteri var. nana, java fern, java fern var. Windelov. The left tank also has a small unidentified crypt, a moss ball, and a small, unidentified stem plant. The terrestrial plants include several kinds of pothos and philodendron, purple waffle plant, neanthe bella palm, goldfish vine, aluminum plant (pilea), creeping fig, and syngonium (arrowhead vine). The right tank also has a lot of amazon frogbit.

Twice weekly doses of Flourish, weekly 50% water changes. Both tanks have 2 Aqua-tech 5-15 HOB filters which are quite heavily overgrown with plants now.
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