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I know of people who have successfully used the Marineland "double-bright" LED systems in planted tanks up to about 60 gals. So it certainly can be effective lighting in a 29 gal.

One thing I am wondering- why do you want the lunar nighttime lighting? If you want the LED, they can provide adequate daytime light.

I also would suggest not getting a hood with a built-in light for a second reason: If you should want to raise the lights higher up from the surface of the water, that is not an option with hoods with built-in lights. I like the separate light fixtures because they give you more options for controlling your lighting. Now, granted, the hood with built-in light that you posted has such a low level of light, it is unlikely you would ever need to raise it to decrease your light intensity, but I am just pointing out one of the disadvantages of that style of light fixture.
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