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1-23-13 update

I've decided to do the update today because I just inserted pfertz root tabs last night. I wanted to document the tank growth with using the root tabs.

The tank is still under recovering and grow out status. It will probably be like this for one or two more months. I still have a few crypts that are not ready to move such as c. uenoi, minima 'gasser', aponogetifolia, and others.

I have to say c. aponogetifolia is the most finicky crypt ever. If you look at it the wrong way, it will melt. Since I got them in October, it has melted on me 3-4 times already.


C. Rosanervig: Still exhibiting good growth and color.

Field of c. Hudoroi: Another robust crypt. It has filled in extremely well.

Bunch of Bullosa 'Bario': Awesome growth and coloration. Extremely robust crypt.

Field of c. KR01: They just kept going...

Auriculata: The tiger stripped is doing really well. It already has two new leaves. 'Betong' was doing well until some ate the new growth. Now it is stunted.

Alternanthera sp. 'variegated' : Still showing good growth

Bullosa 'Sarakei': They are recovering very nicely.

Unknown damage: I think the culprit is the bristlenoses that I've introduced last month. I have been trapping them for the past few days, I got about 3 left in the tank. They are difficult to catch without ripping the whole tank apart.

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