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Originally Posted by pirayaman View Post
guys i know im new to shrimp. and a bit of a [language removed by moderator]. i have red all comments and will be doing what was said. the fish are bye bye.
shrimp tank only
can i get more otos? or are they trouble too
are there any smaller types of fish i can keep. ones that cant get there mouths on my little shrimp?
yes the crs i got some were berried. they all were fine. still are and eating what ever they eat fish flakes/alge.
will get a test kit if i have to. will wait and see. ik stupid move.
sorry for being abrasive. text doesnt have emotion.
thx for all the awnsers.
Well I'm glad you have listened to the advice of a lot of people in this forum. I would trust the advice of the collective group, but especially Mordalphus.

In the long run, it'll be better to have a devoted tank for these guys. If you do want shrimp, I'll list some that could be shrimp safe (debatable) and some that are definitely shrimp safe (most probably)

Defintely (most likely):
1. Ottos, don't know about the cocamas, but the regular ones are.

Probably (babies could be eaten):
1. Microrasboras, these theoretically could attack adult shrimp but I never had an shrimp will be eaten.
2. Least Killiefish, heterandia formosa- Like wicca said, they don't get that big at all......but the parents could eat baby shrimp.....haven't noticed it yet...a recent addition to my tanks to combat nematodes.
3. Pygmy Cories, not gonna eat the adults or juvies but could maybe just eat newborns.....I don't have an issue with them right rilis did just fine.

Some say Celestial Pearl Danios are ok, some don't. Ive seen them nip at adult shrimp so I would stay away.
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