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Originally Posted by pKaz View Post
It's true, While I can't say that I'm the first person to help out DK with some kind of "Shrimpy Project", I was one of the first. Plus Shrimptern 0.0 has such a cool sound to it. I saw the Shrimporium before it even had actual tanks as part of the shrimp rack, when the Waterfactory was just an idea. And speaking of the Waterfactory I can confirm its awesomeness as I got to see it whirling and clicking about yesterday draining and filling tanks without any human intervention.

I helped DK run and install the wires for the water on the floor alarm. It was good to be back! I had to scale down my aquarium situation while I was in search of finding a new house. Now that is all over and done with, and I'm moved in, I plan to expand my immersion into shrimp keeping. The shrimp I picked up from DK are doing really well so far!
Thanks for the post, PKaz.

PKaz got to use a Maserati, see the lid levitation, view Papaya pigment in real life, of course - eat -, and then help out with the project-du-jour (pronounced PROH-jay-doo-jure). And, of course, see the whacky, wild, wonka madness of the WFIII.


Originally Posted by Mrturritos View Post
While trying to get good pictures of the shrimp tank, (which kinda failed). I did manage to get a good macro shot of the chameleon a while back. Link should have the picture nice and big. Enjoy
DK gotta new tech toy for the latest holiday. So after procrastinating using it the better part of a month, because it involves a learning curve, she was forced today to try it out. Much easier to draw curlicues with a pen than a mouse, she must admit. Doesn't seem to improve her artistic talent, although our model's striking beauty speaks for itself:



DK is EXCEEDINGLY proud of herself. Last night, she managed to completely scale BOTH Germans' teeth in their entirety. She did not think our feral wolf child would approve, but surprisingly he held still enough. Definitely helps to have alpha status, when attempting such a feat.


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