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Good deal, just didn't want you to think I was bad mouthing you. My tap is very hard also but I think there was something in it they did not like. Since switching to di water I have had less and less deaths. I've had them since the beginning of dec and actually just saw my first saddle last night. I think I only have one male left but I'm not going to get more as I don't want to risk mixing new bacteria with the tigers.

They are currently in ph 7.2 gh 6 kh 3 tds right around 200. The tigers and the neos seem to be enjoying this much better as I am seeing a ton more activity. Also I have seen almost 10 successful molts and in 2 weeks I have managed not to kill a single tiger. I am really hoping they keep doing well and don't come down with a bacterial infection like happened to ravensgate. Time will tell I guess.
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