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A couple of weeks ago I had a peculiar thing happen. I had about 15 neons in my tank, and one afternoon they along with my flag fish were at the top of the tank in the duck weed doing what I thought was grazing food. This was unusual for the neons, but I thought "maybe the flags taught them that duck weed is tasty" and didn't think any more about it - it was during the day and my lights were out, as I use my lights in the evening/night. When the lights did come on I saw 3 neon floaters. I rarely lose a fish so this was a little shock to me. One maybe, but 3 worried me. As it turns out, all three of them were preggo and plump with eggs. Then it occurred to me that some of the neons were much smaller than the rest of them and that they had been having babies all along and I never noticed it hehehe....

That's my neon story.

I have no idea why they died. I don't even have a clue. All the usual parameters, etc etc etc. but it was a unique experience seeing them at the top of the tank like carp that day...
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