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Originally Posted by Forumsnow View Post
Thanks Han. And sorry speedy didn't mean to make it sound like it was your stock or anything. I started out with them at ph 7.8 gh 9 kh 8 unknown tds at the time. I was losing 1 to 2 a week for unknown reasons. I never saw any signs of bacterial infection or failed molt. They were in tap so idk if there was something in it. I now keep them in tiger conditions, well almost tiger conditions. I have been slowly lowering the parameters to better suite the tigers. They are now at ph 7.2 gh 6 kh 3. I want to get the kh down another degree which next weeks water change should solve. I drip the new water in on wc as to not shock the shrimp even though I am only lowering a degree.

Once again not trying to say anything was wrong with the supremes on your end. I think I just was not doing something correct.
No need to apologize. I was only trying to get more info so I could possibly help you out. I'm not sure what your tap params are but I can tell you my tap is hard. I just measured 7.7ph in both my Yellow and Orange Neo tanks, with a TDS 390.

Since you've had them, have they been producing for you at all? If they haven't that's a tell tale sign of them not liking the tank conditions.
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