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Originally Posted by ReluctantHippy View Post
Have you looked at the PAR38 LED bulbs? They come with a standard base. They tend not to be single LEDs but keep in mind that neither are these floodlights, they are arrays of 1w diodes. Here's one Lowes carries in 18w -

And one specifically for aquariums at 21w -
Yes I have considered them, and I will be schooled for sure. I am curious though. Will those multi point lights composed of a dozen or so leds be able to get the shimmer effects of the single led? Also, I don't see them in the high wattage (20w+) that I am looking for. At least not at a price I'm willing to spend anyway. The Dr Fosters and Smith unit is more than I would like to spend on each. It wouldn't be make sense to me to change out the 3 cfls I'm using now at that price unless I saw a dramatic increase in aesthetics. Thanks for the URLS! I appreciate you taking the time.

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