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Originally Posted by stephenjr View Post
Hey everyone! I been bouncing ideas to start a high tech vs low tech aquarium. I have decided to go low tech. my tank measures 48x24x28H. my substrate is a 50/50 mix of flourite and filter sand. going to dose seachem equlibrium, potassium nitrate, and potassium mono phosphate according to Tom Barrs method. will have low light plants only. fish will be a school of angels and then other small schooling fish and some rams and some Oto's. My filter is a sump with a filter sock and bioballs. My one main concern is lighting. What type and how much wattage should be used?
I have the same size tank that I am setting up for my first ever planted tank, also planning to try the low-tech route. I am pretty tall, but I just about need a snorkel to reach the gravel; this is the biggest tank I've ever owned!

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