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setting up a 29G planted newbie

I am currently researching a low-tech planted setup. Looking for a low tech/low light setup. I don't want to mess with co2 injection. Biggest part that has me puzzled is the lighting.

My first plan was to get the marine land LED hood setup for my tank and supplement the lighting with the "hidden" led system from them as well.


Hidden LED system:

but I do not believe this will be enough light.

So I started looking at this light :

but I'm concerned that will provide to much light and co2 will become necessary.

setup so far: Aquaclear 70, Eco complete, 150w heater

I don't have a problem with dosing ferts every week. but daily dosing is something i want to avoid. tank will be a female Betta sorority/ community tank.

any help would be great!

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