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Originally Posted by Tomasz View Post
How do you find the Catalina light set up? I'm thinking of ordering the exact same. 2 6.5K lights and 1 plant grow.

A few questions:
(1) How did you test for the ammonia (you mentioned it went down?)
(2) What size bag aqua soil
(3) Did you find the powersand special M was enough or would you have prefered L?
I LOVE the Catalina light. The dual light switches and power cords allow me to have a Noon-Burst for 2 hours with all 3 lights on and then the rest of the day with 2 lights on

1)I Used the API Master Test Kit. I checked every other day!
2) I used 5 bags of 9L Ada Aquasoil
3) Yep! The special M was plenty!
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