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Thanks, everyone! I really love this tank. It's such a great shape for the crew that I have in there. None of them need height, but they need room to roam. The rams and bettas are a combination I've never heard of, but not very many people have betta imbellis. Both species seem completely unconcerned about other species and the cories are happily oblivious to everything. The bettas rule the top, including the floating pennywort I added, and the rams rule the bottom including the caves.

I'm struggling a bit with the lighting over such a wide tank. The back always seems a bit dim and I worry about the vals in the back getting enough light. Filtration is also a challenge. I'm running two airstones to help water movement without adding current that the bettas can't handle. The Sunsun has held up well, still nearly silent, but I'm questioning my media set up. My flow is down and I think it's my media. Time for experimentation!

Also time to steal the husband's camera again for more pictures.
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