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I've had this Aquaclear for about 3 years or so? And I have cleaned everything I have taken it apart and this is the 3rd impeller I've bought for it. My ac110 makes the noises on occasion as well. It never stops running tho my ac20 runs the filter dry then sits there and burns up. Usually late at night while I'm at work. Scares my son. Anyways I'm gonna take it and put it in my mbuna tank as a redundancy filter. I know my fish won't produce that much. I was hoping enough for slow growth tho which is what I'm looking for, slow steady growth. And my local plant guy that everybody swears by told me use powerhead a and HOB filters if I'm gonna dose CO2 but he said if not then the surface Gitation is gonna pull CO2 out and replace with oxygen. Good for fish bad for plants. Ill research it all and determine what ill do from there. But at this moment I'm leaning towards a canister called "rapids mini pro canister" claims 80GPH but probably does closer to 60 is bet. But the good thing is it has an adjustable spray bar so I can point it down for no agitation or slightly up and let the water ripple. I know most people will tell me it's a bad idea but I'm going to stock my tank with a breeding pair of pelvicachromis pulcher. Little big for the tank but a breeder I'm friends with wants to try something new and has been breeding this pair ina 10g for 3 years so it can be done. Doubt I will have Tom for dithers or anything tho. I've had them before the dig a bit but are very gentle on plants at least in my experiences. Ill be getting about 45-50 PAR at the center if the tank and about 25-30 at the edges. Should I be able to grow most species if plants? Regardless if their lighting needs? I wanted a carpet of baby tears but my plant guy said I NEED CO2 injection for that or at least flourish excel. I have a list of about a dozen ants I want but I don't know which ones are suitable
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