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I've been reading the discussion here about the LED floods and thought I would toss in my $0.02.

I just setup a new 36Gal tank and the 17w T8 that came with the kit wasn't anywhere near sufficient. So I thought I would try some of the Ebay LED floods.

I got 3 of the 12V, 10W version that are spec'd at ~6000k.
I checked these on the amp meter. At 12V each 10W flood is pulling 0.55A
12v was a personal preference due to past experience with cheap non-UL rated Chinese power supplies.

I have pictures of my setup using both the 3 LED floods and the single 17W T8.

I took the LED pics first then took pics with the T8. With all other camera settings the same, I had to lower my shutter speed from 1/60(LED) to 1/25(T8) to get the same light in the cameras light meter.

My first impression is the LEDs are VERY bright and light my tank quite nicely. I don't have a PAR meter so I'm going strictly on visual observation and comparing to the 17W T8 bulb.

The only potential problem I see is the little DC-DC power supply in the back of the light gets rather warm with the cover on. Once I opened the back cover, it cooled down and is just barely warm.

I think I'm going to retro fit these into the hood that came with the tank. From what I can tell they should fit perfectly. I might add a miniature fan to help cool things off and extend the life.

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