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Originally Posted by AquaticStory View Post
Oh thanks for clearing that out, but when a CRS+CBS breeds
they might get all CBS, but when the CRS parents die, the offspring
still carry their genes right...? Just confirming it, sounds like a
dumb question though.
And if I add Rilis with fire reds, will the Rilis eventually lose their
pattern? And will the fire reds get ugly patterns too?
yes, the babies would carry the red gene, so a baby crossed with a baby, would give roughly 1 black, 2 black but red carriers and 1 red. Also, any of the babies breeding back to the original CRS parent would give roughly 3 black but red carriers and 1 red.

As for the rili, pfr thing, not sure. Never dabbled in rili's, so I don't know how their breeding and genetics work nearly as much as I've read and experimented with and breed when it comes to crystals.

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