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Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
Don't know if they breed true yet. My P1 carbon rilis threw F1s, but too early to tell yet. If the F1s breed true, then I'll be willing to accept them as a pure strain.

Some have blue midsections, some clear. markings are random.

Sometimes breeders in their rush to sell offspring, sell a line that may not be ready as a true strain yet.
Bane of the shrimp world now. It was about the hobby and the craft of breeding nice looking, true breeding shrimp that was around Japan and Taiwan. Then the Germans got in breeding, it spread to the rest of Europe and North America, and now everyone see's dollars signs, so any shrimp that looks different, isn't a mutation, it's a new strain and it's worth 10x what it should be, despite if they breed true or are even able to reproduce when you start cross mixing sub-species in. Some crosses are viable for 3-4-5 generations, then can't breed anymore.

There are lots of people with beautiful ti-bee's out there, that look like zebra's, pure white with black stripes, but they yet to be able to get them to stay fertile after so many generations or breed true (hint never be the first to buy white ti-bee tigers, lol).

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