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Update, we just got an order in from seagrest and have some new additions

lyretail swords swords - 4.99
Kribensis cichlids 7.99
Bolivian Rams 7.99
Nickel size koi angels (the best angels I think we've ever gotten in) 4.99
Balloon Rams 9.99
Neons 1.49
Panda cats 5.99
Black Ruby Barbs 2.99
Checkerboard barbs 2.49
Albino lyretail mollies 3.99
Otto cats 1.99
Brilliant Rasboras 2.99
Glolite tetras 1.99
Balloon Mollies 2.99
(not fish related) homebred parakeets (I bought one myself and she's wonderful) 19.99

P.S.- we're going to place a seagrest order on monday I believe and I have to get a list of what to order. So if anyone was searching for a particular fish and responds to the thread in the next three days, Ill order it, this also depends on the availability.
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