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WP's 10 gal - Seasons of a Planted Tank (256k!!)

Most tank journals start at the beginning... this one starts at the end. I enjoy watching sequences of planted tanks developing over time. This is mine.

Oct 2003 - Here is how it started, with the purchase of the tank and some "Black Beauty" substrate:

A lonely Oto and a clam were the first inhabitants.

Dec 2003 - Five dwarf pencils and later a blue ram joined the club. Glosso is spreading under 20W light, the original mountainscape is covered up by Java Moss, things are going too well:

Jan 2004 - Decided to start over. A more massive Mountainscape, and Flourite instead of the Kitty Litter and Black Beauty:

Feb 2004 - Almost immediately I am in algae hell. Was it the Flourite, or the lack of fast growers? Fluffy brown algae covers up everything.

April 2004 - For four months, I stare at my tank and try to figure out what's going on, while telling others how to fight algae. With 1 part CO2, 1 part NO3/PO4, 3 parts water changes, and 5 parts patience the algae finally recedes:

May 2004 - Things are coming together, the Java moss wall is lush, and it's time to pull out some of the collectoritis plants:

July 2004 - Java moss wall is being replaced with a Christmas moss wall, which looks nice after 4 weeks. Much more compact than the fuzzy Java moss. Tank is being overrun by Cherry Shrimps.

Oct 2004 - Pulled out the moss wall since it isn't going with the mountainscape theme. Not happy with aquascaping, but finally got plants to grow.

Jan 2005 - Bragged about balanced tank. Aquascaping phase starts:

August 2005 - Reduced plant variety to mostly green, slower growing plants. Enjoying tank quite a bit.

Jan 2006 - Will post a most recent shot of the tank soon. Things are going well. Added 3 male and 3 juvenile Endlers (thanks Bill!) to keep dwarf pencils some company. Christmas moss tree is growing well. Removed Hagen ladder (eyesore), CO2 goes into HOB filter. Dreaming of rimless tanks with glass lilies growing in them.

Feb 2006 - Here is the tank today. Instead of pulling hair algae, scraping diatoms and cursing bba, I spend time with scissors to remove moss and pearlweed that doesn't grow where I want it. Finally, I reached the aquascaping phase!

edit: I maxed out the number of pictures... for the final picture, see post 8 below.
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