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It's been a week. The plants are not growing well- twisted leaves and tips. I asked the question on the plant specifics, and basically the response was not enough co2.

CO2 has been adjusted, light period extended, and I also boosted up the ferts. The hardness is creeping up on me, so I'll be performing some pure RO water changes so drop the hardness down to where I want it. Hopefully I can get this tank to stable out before too long.


My crypts are making a come back, with some lovely colors! The DHG has also started to come around over the last couple of days.

The snails have made short work of diatoms, now there seems to be GDA and hair algae growing on the glass, but I'm hoping the boost in co2 and ferts will make them dissipate before too long.

The next order of business for this tank is putting down some more substrate- I'm not happy with how it settled. After that, it's some new bulbs. I don't plan on stocking it until the plants are established and growing well.

That's all for this week.

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