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Originally Posted by rozdaboff View Post
Dan - how does this stuff transition to submersed? If I put it in a med light, low tech - would it be OK? I am looking for a short, grass-like plant to mix in among my stauro repens.
It does fine in my experience. Melting will be minimal. Treat it like emersed grown hairgrass purchased at the store - just separate each clump into individual plants and place into the substrate. I'm running medium lights with DIY CO2 and dirt capped with sand and it grows. I should take an updated pic...

Originally Posted by bereninga View Post
I think that would totally take over my tank! Hahah I don't want them to go to waste... so maybe 15? I've never had the plant before, so I'm not sure how close I'll need to plant them. Your tank looks awesome btw!
Alright It comes in nodes so treat it as a horizontal stem plant so place most of the stem into the substrate while keeping the leaves above the substrate. It will grow fine in medium light and explode in growth with higher light and CO2 injection. Growing it emersed produces weedy results. And thanks!

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