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Hi Guys,

I got my 90p - 48g tank treated with H202 to kill the BBA ( 99% killed Yahhh ) from reading here and there online. But if i know this thread existing here i would do a little different.

1) should remove the media filter i didn't do it in my case.
2) do the water change sooner didn't do either haha
3) shouldn't get excited and dosing more h202. LOL

so what i did on my 48 gal ?

Dosing H202 about 140ml while the light is on - before dosing, i shut down the filter completely and no flows in the tank ( believing that i can distributed the h202 across the water surface evenly and let it settle down to the substrate about 3-4 mins) lol. My substrate soil got inflected so i gotta to this way.

Turn on my filter to max (yes !! need to be strong so it can rotate the water and hitting every spot that got inflected)

i didn't lost any fishes or shrimps

I didn't change the water right away, not until 4 days after the h202 treatment i should've . Plus the next day, i saw the BBA turn red, i was like Yeahhh i must did it right. So i dosing another 100ml ( LOL ) while filter still running this time because i want to have the H202 dilute faster. ( i wouldn't suggested to do this way because it may kill your plants )

Here some pics for you guys to see
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