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Yeah, I'm not saying that the chemical treatment wasn't the cause of the death, I am just wondering if it was chemicals + large water change.

Is it routine for you to do 50% water changes? In other words, would a 50% water change be a departure from the norm for your tank inhabitants? Maybe this is irrelevant, don't know, but curious.

The reason I ask is b/c I do 50% changes every Sunday, and my ottos are fine. BUT, looks like it is wise to tread lightly on this protocol

Originally Posted by karatekid14 View Post
I understand that my tank would be more fragile than a 75 but I believe that something else happend. Okay exactly what I did
1. tank age: 15 months, I only had lost an oto
2. stopped filter
3. turned on pumps, 325 gph
4. dosed 70 mL H2O2
5. waited 15 min, re-adjusted pumps
6. 50% water change took 8 min
7. dosed 5 mL excel
8. 20 min later noticed otos acting odd, added air stone
9. 40 min later oto died
10. tested water, normal
11. over the next ~hour or less more died
12. 25% water change
13. tested water, normal
14. none died, which makes me think it was the H202

that's as best I can remember it, that was Saturday.
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