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Thanks! I'll try and take some more full-tank shots this weekend. Things have changed a bit, as I went to the SFBAAPS meetup and received like 16 more species of plants

New plants, some of these I didn't add to the 110G (the Frogbit went in my 2G and 5G, the Guppy Grass and Cryptocoryne Hudoroi) went in my 10G

A. Frogbit

B. Rotala (from Nevada Hot Springs)

C. Flame Moss

D. Guppy Grass

E. Myriophyllum Mattogrosensis

F. Hygrophylla Polysperma 'Tropica Sunset'

G. (Rotala wallichii)?

H. Cabomba sp.?

I. Limnophylla Aromatica

J. Ludwigia verticillata (either Cuba or Pantanal)

K. Ludwigia Arcuata 'Needle Leaf' (tissue-cultured)

L. ?

M. Rotala (rotundifolia perhaps)

N. ?

O. Cryptocoryne Hudoroi

P. Jungle Valisneria
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