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this forum is much more friendly to new ideas than another forum I know of...
when I posted about this tank, I was pretty much attacked. plenty of people telling me that my lights must be lousy and (the lack of algae proves it! LOL), my substrate burns the plants... the diy CO2 couldn't possibly make a difference, etc...
I do, however, agree with a strong caution to anyone who wants to try something similar. if you do something crazy like this, you have to be willing to create a monster, and then be willing to deal with it once you do. the only reason I even do this stuff is because I am compulsive about answering any and all "what if" and "why" questions that might pop onto my head. I read Hutchinson's treatise on limnology because of those darned "why" questions, if that gives you an idea...
this craziness I call a fishtank is a result of the "what if" questions.
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